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You may be familiar with Upwork as a well-known job outsourcing platform, but are you familiar with any of its competitors? It is undeniably convenient to find freelance gigs and projects on Upwork.

In this article, I cover some of the top competitors to Upwork to help you explore other job outsourcing platforms.

Freelancers don’t always benefit from the bidding process.
It’s super easy for hiring managers to find talent on Upwork—post an ad, choose the best applicant. The applicant is still at a disadvantage at times, because even qualified professionals often wind up landing a gig at below-market pay simply because of the intense competition.

It can be difficult to approve a profile.
With 10,000 new signups every day, Upwork has built a strong rejection policy. While growth in the number of users is important, Upwork does not want to overlook its quality growth. Upwork might keep its door closed if you are just beginning your freelance career and do not possess any experience.

Since Upwork is popular with freelancers, it naturally increases competition among gig-seekers. In addition, finding a job with pay that is adequate, and you’re qualified for can take time.

1. Fiverr

Its name virtually says it all: your goods or service may be sold for as low as $5 on Fiverr. When the site first started, it was its go-to tactic, but that is no longer the case.

This marketplace will appeal to freelancers and gig workers since it is convenient and low-cost. Don’t get me wrong: this does not imply that Fiverr is solely for unskilled freelancers. However, pricing on Freelancers is often lower than those on Upwork, owing to the fact that there are more newcomers in the freelance field.

Fiverr’s characteristics:

As you go through the Fiverr work offerings, look for ones that stand out for their inventiveness. Every facet of this platform appears to be fueled by creativity, from logo design to narration to the creation of 3D characters.

Additionally, if you want to provide some unique services, Fiverr might be a wonderful place to start (cooking lessons, game coaching, personal styling services, etc.). You may also look for odd jobs on Fiverr.

2. Freelancer
In less than a year, Freelancer has added over 1800 categories to its job and gig products. This Upwork alternative was built specifically to fit the needs of freelancers, as the name would suggest. As a result, the platform provides different payment options, private chat options with your clients – text, voice, or video calls – as well as 24/7 technical support.

One thing to remember is that Freelancer has several membership plans designed to meet the needs of different freelancers. Prices for membership plans range from $4.95 to $69.95 a month, and content differs according to these plans. You can also participate in contests, including six offer bids per month, on Freelancer.

Freelancer’s characteristics:

Among job categories pertaining to technology, Freelancer stands out. Websites, IT & Software, for example, offer a very wide selection of options. Other sections include Design, Media & Architecture, Data Entry & Admin, Engineering & Science, Business, Accounting, HR & Legal, and more.

Among the most important things to mention about Freelancer is that starting the job hunt has very few, if any, obstacles. By creating your freelancing profile and signing up via email or Facebook, you’re good to go.


As a freelancer, you can find different job categories on PeoplePerHour like Upwork. Businesses can select gig seekers from your offers – defined services for a set price—or bid on a hirer’s request.

Freelancers can easily join PeoplePerHour. Creating your LinkedIn profile is just as simple as adding a headshot and cover photo, describing your experience, selecting your skills, and stating your hourly rate. As well as adding past work to your portfolio, you can ask your clients to endorse you.

PeoplePerHour’s characteristics:

In order to secure the payment process, Upwork Alternative has taken great care. PeoplePerHour (at least, that’s what it claims) requires businesses to deposit funds prior to assigning a project to a freelancer, so you won’t have to chase payments. With PeoplePerHour’s automated invoicing, you can raise an invoice without any hassle and get paid right away.

4. Hubstaff Talent

Hub staff Talent is a sort of cross between a number of the Upwork alternatives listed here and Upwork itself. The website links freelancers in many disciplines, with a focus on development. Furthermore, it offers a variety of pricing options for its freelancer pool, with a concentration on the low end.
Hub staff Talent marketing, on the other hand, puts these low-cost choices in the spotlight. Higher-paying freelancers have the following qualifications and skills:
However, if you engage the right freelancer, you will get the desired level of quality. Of course, you should pay whatever it takes to get the right person on board, but with Hub staff Talent, you’ll discover that those costs are well within most budgets.

5. Guru
Guru, a superb alternative to Upwork, offers a slick, professional marketplace that targets more formal abilities than the rest. There are other specializations in the legal, secretarial, engineering, and architectural fields. This is not to suggest that it does not provide freelance marketers, developers, or designers.

CloudPeeps may be a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking a freelancing “network, marketplace, and platform” all in one.

They especially cater to freelancers in public relations, web design, marketing, and other fields for hourly, fixed, or one-time jobs.

Before you may start seeking work as a freelancer, you must first apply and be accepted.
If you wish to submit proposals to clients, you’ll need to upgrade to their Standard membership level, which costs $9 per month.

However, both free and paid users can build up a shop to provide set service packages, such as an SEO site assessment for $X. Furthermore, all members kinds get access to their community as well as their invoicing tool.

7. Free Up
Free Up is a premium platform that is lower in size than other freelance websites such as Upwork.
They seek to quickly match the best freelancers with the best customers (within 24 hours).
You can find jobs in areas such as eCommerce, translation, Amazon services, copywriting, and others.
One advantage of their modest size is their good customer service, which is constantly available.
You must be approved to utilize their site, much like Upwork.
The approval procedure for FreeUp consists of three steps: an application, an interview, and a final exam. You may begin connecting with high-quality clients as soon as you are accepted.
They have an unusual mechanism in place that limits clients from spending more than 15 minutes with freelancers before selecting whether or not to hire them.

8. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing market that enables freelancers to discover work with personal clients, corporations, and groups worldwide.
At any given time, you’ll see heaps of opportunities in a huge variety of fields, making it a super vicinity for freelancers to find work quickly.
Regardless of your agenda, you can land and negotiate and land a wide sort of settlement sorts.
Upwork gives each constant and hourly initiatives, as well as brief and long-time period time frames.
For brand-new freelancers, it may be a project to get your footing on the website. It often takes some greater time and effort at the start—from going through Upwork’s approval procedure to looking to build your reputation on the platform. In the meantime, skilled freelancers also should be permitted, however, can upload their present portfolios and credentials, giving them a leg up. Both learners and freelancing vets will want to make certain they’re effectively finishing jobs and garnering brilliant opinions to thrive on Upwork. But it’s true potential for each beginner and expert to be successful on Upwork. There’s no scarcity of exceptional possibilities, and if you are placed in the effort, you’ll be able to land increasingly very quickly.


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